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YOKOHAMA Earth-1, E400

YOKOHAMA Earth-1, E400

Features; Superior Performance / Silence / Wet / Mileage / Strength /Japanese Technology Made in India in Bahadurgarh, Delhi border.

It improves the car's stability and enhances steering performance. Four wide straight grooves help in hydroplaning on wet roads while the arrow-shaped grooves maximize water drainage. The Earth 1 tyre is durable, wear-resistant and provides extended tyre life.

# Review,

Yokohama Earth 1 tyre is visually appealing, while its precision-designed tread pattern offers superior stability on any road surface. Its vertical and horizontal grooves reduce uneven wear and enhance quietness while its narrow grooves in the shoulder block control pattern noise echoing under the car body, ensuring enriched riding experience. Earth 1�s advance groove pattern design also assists in better cornering and sudden hi-speed braking on long routes. On the other hand, wide straight grooves control hydro-planing on wet roads in the rainy season for better safety and performance.


    Yokohama India - YIN Warranty Policy

    1. TYRE WARRANTY ELIGIBILITY: This Warranty applies to all passenger car tyres and SUV tyres (excluding RFT tyres & AE30 BluEarth) sold only by authorised dealers of YOKOHAMA INDIA PVT LTD.

    2. WHAT TYRE IS WARRANTED (AND HOW LONG): YOKOHAMA passenger car tyres and SUV tyres are covered under Life Time Protection Program for 60 months from the date of registration of sale (Effective from 1st July 2022) or up to 50% tread wear on pro-rata basis, whichever comes earlier, other than the damages specified on ITEM 4 warranty in proportion to tread wear.

    3. Kindly note all the claims under this policy is subject to warranty registration done on Yokohama Smart Service application by authorised dealers of YOKOHAMA INDIA PVT LTD within 7 days of purchase of tyre. Customer would be provided with a unique warranty code on their registered phone number by SMS at the end of registration process. The unique code needs to be provided during claim.


    A. Tyres not registered by authorised dealers of YOKOHAMA INDIA PVT LTD.

    B. Completed the Life Time Protection Program tenure of 60 months.

    C. Retreated or repaired tyres

    D. Worn out tyres

    E. Improper application of tyres size or specification.

    F. Any type of damage due to the defective mechanical conditions of the vehicle, including misalignment, wheel imbalance and faulty suspension /brakes or vehicle accident.

    G. Flat spots on tyre due to immobility.

    H. Damaged due to improper mounting / demounting practices.

    I. Damage caused due to improper inflation pressure or having been run while flat.

    J. Tread cut Serviceable (Punctures).

    K. Tyres put to any competitive usage.

    5. Life Time Protection Program is applicable in India only on YOKOHAMA Tyres of Pattern code E400 production code 3519 onwards and other pattern from 0119 manufactured by YOKOHAMA INDIA PVT LTD.


    A. If YOKOHAMA tyres become inefficacious under specified conditions, it will be warranted on treadwear prorated basis.

    B. Treadwear would be calculated by the percentage of the Groove depth between original depth and remaining serviceable groove depth i.e., the remaining serviceable tread depth is above 1.6 mm.

    7. This warranty isn�t transferable to another customer.

    8. EXCULSION: All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded.

    9. YOKOHAMA INDIA PVT LTD should not be held liable for any statement, representation, commitment, deal, promise or agreement made by its dealers, employees, representatives or OEMs that in any way differs from the terms mentioned in this warranty.

    10. YOKOHAMA INDIA PVT LTD reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of the Protection Program without having any obligation of informing or giving prior notice to anyone.

    Terms and Conditions*- Every tyre, tube & flap manufactured and/or marketed by �Yokohama India Pvt Ltd� is warranted to be free from defects in material quality or workmanship in its first tread life & warranty period. If our examination shows that a product has failed during the warranty period mentioned in this warranty policy, we shall replace the product on a pro-rata wear basis subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty policy. The amount to be compensated for the tyre will be calculated from the percentage of tread wear. In other words, the so-called �remaining tread depth measurement system� will be applied.

    The warranty is valid exclusively for the first owner actually using the covered products & is non-transferable. Tampering of any kind on our products will automatically invalidate such warranty (e.g. tampered serial number, ply rating, size of tyre, etc).

    There is no other warranty or liability applicable to these products unless specified for a particular size/design, and no representative has any authority to make any representation, promise or agreement except as stated herein.

    You are requested to read all T&C* by logging on to the manufacturer's official website. 

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