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Caution: Beware of Unscrupulous Practices by Some Puncture Repair Services at Fuel Stations/Roadside

We wish to draw your attention to an alarming trend in the automotive service industry. Some unscrupulous puncture repair technicians at fuel stations have been employing deceitful tactics, potentially causing significant financial harm to unsuspecting car owners.

Examples of Malpractice:

Multiple, unnecessary punctures on a single tire, leading to exorbitant charges.

Installing expensive, unnecessary multiple counts "mushroom punctures" which can inflate repair costs.

Protect Yourself:

Seek Reputable Services: Opt for established, reputable tire shops in your vicinity, known for their integrity and transparency.

Trained Staff: Choose facilities with well-trained technicians who can accurately assess whether a puncture repair is genuinely needed.

Cost Comparison: Surprisingly, repair costs often vary only marginally between reputed shops and roadside technicians. So, choose wisely.

Stay Informed:

Be vigilant and share this message to empower fellow commuters with this knowledge. Together, we can prevent unfair practices and safeguard the interests of car owners.

Remember: Our aim is not to vilify anyone, but to promote awareness and responsibility within our community.

Spread the Word, Protect Your Wheels!

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